Most Beautiful VALLEY OF FLOWERs in India

Valley of flower is very splendid place in India and very famous for charming meadow of alpine flowers the place is not famous only for flowers but also very attractive for different types of animals in the valley, the valley have great importance for Hindis religious purpose in Ramayana period that legends believe the valley is source for Sanjeevani Buti for curing Lakshmana. The Himalaya Mountain is not only for beautiful visiting destinations but also attract people for the religious point of view. The valley is under the zone of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve on the 88 square kms area.

Valley of Flower

The valley is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and on around 300 kms away from the Haridwre here different type of transport mode available to visit.

Visiting time in the valley is entry time is 7.00 am to last entry is on 2.00 pm. Best time for visit in the valley is June to September but you will look different features in the different months as like in June you will found huge glaciers are melting’s very fast and plants are germinating. But in July the valley will attract to you for more magnetic type flower that is Lilly. August month is famous for Ladies Slipper Orchid flower and you can find maximum flowers in the valley in the month. The color of the valley is will be very green very where. September is the last month where you can access and the color of the valley will be change very fast in the month that you can’t imagine about the dramatically change in the valley.

The valley of flower is very beautiful visiting destination in India that increases the beauty of India and its beautiful gift of nature in India.