Reveal the Beauty of India

India is a treasure of many scenic places and one must experience the rich natural wealth of the country. A blend of mountains, rivers, deserts, lakes, plateaus, hill stations, waterfalls, forts and forests makes the country even more dazzling. A large variation in climatic conditions from North to South and East to West brings a flock of tourist all year round.

The culture, traditions, religious values, lifestyle, art and craft as well as the clothing of the people changes from region to region and you will definitely mesmerized by this frequently changing trends as you move further. The friendly nature of the people and the mouth watering cuisines will make your trip to the country even more memorable and cheerful.


The trekkers’ paradise is well known for the spectacular mountains and picture perfect locations. Ladakh is also popular for the whitewashed stupas and monasteries. The most admiring beauty of the place is the Pangong Lake with unblemished water covered with cotton candy clouds. You will feel yourself enveloped in the magical beauty. Mysterious landscapes and the scenic locations with adventurous sports is something that must be experience at least one in a lifetime. It is recommended to live every moment of the trip to Ladakh.


Meghalaya, known as the home of the clouds is among the top scenic places that must be experienced by every national and international tourist. Located in north-east part, the State is the wettest region of the country. It is densely populated with mountain forests, serving habitat to many diverse species of birds, plants and mammals. Some of the must see places are Umiam Lake, Ward’s Lake, Spread Eagle Falls, Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Nokrek National Park, Bishop and Beadon Falls and much more.


Considered as the fourth least populated State of India, Goa offers diverse cultures, traditions with a blend of scenic locations to the worldwide tourist. The place has much to offer to the tourists including the crocodile watching experience, ballroom dancing events, unbelievable para gliding, churches and temples and much more. The attractive and beautiful beaches and the amazing cruise experience make the tour even more excited and memorable for the tourist. The beauty of the Coastal zone attracts the tourist to come over and over again for Holidays and Honeymoon.


The scenic places with long beaches, elegant rivers and misty mountains with amazingly pleasant weather are what Kerala offers to the people who visited to the beautiful city. The picture perfect locations with live environment will captivate you to the invincible beauty. Above all, the everywhere greenery with densely planted coconut trees will amaze you. The astonishing natural loveliness and attractive nature with backwater river bodies connected to the sea makes the city even more beautiful and incredibly charming.




Kashmir, known as the heaven on the earth is a northern region in India. The paradise is the most beautiful place in the country, probably in the world. You can experience the snow covered mountainous beauty of the Ghati regions all year round. Of all, winters is probably the best season to visit the ‘Paradise on Earth’, when it is fully covered with snow blanket. The incredible beauty is hard to define in words, so it is recommended to visit the Kashmir at least once with your family.


6.Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Known as the Emeralds of India, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the hidden charm of the country. Each year, a flock of tourist visit the island city to experience the beauty of the lively environment to which turquoise water is a sort of add on. Swimming, Para- sailing, Scuba Diving, Boating, Kayaking, Snorkeling are just a few adventures that are offered by the adventurous island region. The golden sand not just serves as a natural beauty, but rejuvenate the mind and soul by making the destination a perfect place to relax. It is the best place for Honeymoon.

Andaman and Nicobar Island

7.Chitrakoot Falls

Popularly known as the Indian Niagara falls, the Chitrakoot Falls are located around 50 kilometres from Jagdalpur, Bastar District near Raipur (Chhattisgar). The waterfalls flows from the Vindhya mountain range and is formed by the great Indravati River. The best period to visit the waterfalls is from the month of July till October, if you want to experience wildness of the waterfalls. But if you want to see the calm side and desire the experience the tranquillity of the falls, October to February will be the best season to visit Chitrakoot Falls.



If you want to experience a calm and incredibly beautiful place, Darjeeling (West Bengal) is probably the best destination to visit. Free from the vehicular nuisance, the region offers many scenic places such as the Tiger Hills, Darjeeling Ropeway, Japanese Temples, Botanical Garden, Raj Bhavan and much more. There are a number of monasteries in Darjeeling that gives a spiritual touch to the destination. Tourist from all over the world loves to visit these monasteries to explore and learn the real values of the astounding culture.


Simla, located in Himachal Pradesh is considered the best place for the domestic as well as the international tourist. The year round pleasant weather of the mountainous region offers amazingly beautiful picnic spot to the people who visit Simla to enjoy the vacations with their friends or family. Often known as the ‘Queen of the Hill Stations’, the city not only soothes in summer, but also relax the soul with the calmness it retained in its heart.



10.McLeod Ganj

The picturesque surroundings of the McLeod Ganj speak it all about the lovely locations it holds in its lap. All the regions are covered with pleasant weather. While the tour to the beautiful landscapes and magnificent mountains not only offer a mesmerizing beauty of the suburb; but also give a lifetime experience of one of the magnificent long drives on the narrow lanes. Located in Dharamsala in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, it is known for the holiness and a number of monasteries located in the region.

MaLeod Ganj
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